My first journey on Dhai din ka jhopda Ajmer. Photos of Dhai din Ka jhopda

Hello friends , Hope you enjoy your trip of nareli jain temple as i mentioned in my previous post. Dhai din Ka jhopda : The name tell the truth of this makbara , Its made in just two and half days so its name is dhai din ka jhopda.
History : When its on working a stay from the kingdom so the work was stop but its almost done so they called it dhai din ka jhopda.
I am ready to visit you at dhai din ka jhopda ajmer. Its very impressive and attractive tourist place in ajmer. We are on the way with horse riding . Me and my friends enjoying horse riding.

Me and my friends

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We are on the way of “Dhai din ka jhopda” Dhai din ka jhopda is a fun loving place.

dhai din ka jhopda
Dhai din ka jhopda

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