Case Studies on Our Nareli Jain Temple Journey

Hello friends my self Mahendra nikum and i want to share my whole journey with my friends on Nareli jain temple Ajmer. Take a look in pic how we start our journey on nareli jain temple.

Me and my friends on road of nareli

Nareli is very nice place to visit because nareli have some park, Temple, hill and A big Jain Temple.
Nareli is popular in Indian visitor as well international visitor. The Fountain of Nareli looks pretty impressive and attractive. It is situated in just outside of nareli’s entry gate. Take a look of Fountain with my friend Siddharth.

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Nareli Jain Temple
Fountain of Nareli

 Click your photo. After this enjoying moment we move further, Now The big entry gate front of us, we think how we can do to cross or pass or enters into the big entry gate. Fun loving attracting fountain attract us but we like to click photos on Gate. It was easy way to open the door. We all friends click our photos then gate opens automatically. Take our look at big Entry gate.

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nareli gate
Nareli gate

 This is not only difficulty for us cause after this we have to face many  difficulty like click pic on park , temple road etc. Finally we enter in the nareli and one on one our difficulty start. Take look of our pics.

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Nareli garden
Garden in the nareli

 Here is some excellent poses of mine and my friends. They are looking pretty good. Nareli is a awesome creation . Some how we reach at the door of Nareli jain Temple but stairs of nareli we love to click on that stairs.

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Nareli jain Temple

 Me and my friends on stairs of Nareli jain temple. When we reach at Temple. Temple was closed and we are frustrating and want do some new , we have planned to away our frustration. See our pic

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Our funny moments at Nareli

 After it we reached at top of the temple to see the actual and most attractive look of Nareli . I think this was amazing surprising moment for us cause its mind blowing no words for this seen. Look this picture.

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Nareli view

 Looks pretty, oh sorry i remember one think that i forgot . In the mid way one temple where we click some awesome pic. look this picture

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Temple of Nareli

 We also goes to nareli hill outside Nareli where we click some more pics . take a look.
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 If you like our journey please leave your comment on this post. Feel free to like , comment and share.


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