7 Tourist places of kota Rajasthan

Hello friends we all know that Kota is very popular city for Tourist Place. Here is top 7 tourist places of Kota rajasthan. Below the list start from 7 to 1 all places are well knowen.

7. Chambal Garden Kota Rajsthan 
Review : Chambal Garden is most beautiful Places of Kota . Its 4/5 Rating Place.

Chambal Garden Kota Rajasthan
Chambal Garden

 6.City Palace Kota Rajasthan Review : City Palace is more popular and beautiful place.

5. Godavari Dham Review : Gd is lovable place and you can visit it with your friends and family.

4. Jag Mandir Kota Rajasthan Beautiful and attractive places.

3. Kishore Sagar Lake Lake view is too beautiful as natural.

2. Maro Madho Singh Museum Its have lot of collection Antic things.

1. Ranthambhore The name is enough for describing this places.

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Pali , Jodhpur, Ajmer , Udaipur , Jaipur , Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Kota , Alwar


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